This is “Golds of Altir” – my Motion comic featuring Kyana Antur – the thief and mercenary rogue of unknown origins.
Took me quiet a long time to work on that and the comic was done ready and shown to some of my patrons.
Sadly too few of the people around know what I do – that I actually do comic strips as well.
This is not animation. This is motion comic. And it tells the story of Kyana in the land of world of Altir – hostile and full with enemies and dangers.

Golds of Altir – along with “Deep Space” – who is ordinary looking comic strip are the two comics I’m currently developing.
For some times though I don’t work on these probably because of the lack of interest.
The interest towards the comics I’d do. Feel free to come and pledge some cash at :

First issue of the comic with the very same character can be seen also here on this site : HERE