Okay – my friend Paladox – is making hentai games on his patreon here : https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2371120 – and he’s coming quite often to commission me with art. His main game is about fairies and magic – and has tons of violence, sex and inter specimen relations and intercourse.
The protagonist in these games is named : Sienna – and she’s a fairy (who has several daughters and other characters who are close or related to her one way or another.) Today I decided to clean up the HDD and found these drawings that I had to show for a long time.
They include character design sheet for some of his heroines – but also small illustrations for the perks he has in his game.
I tried to achieve the “Fallout 4” idea somehow – as you can see but every picture shows the abilities – of Sienna.
So if you’re into such kind of games you can check his patreon and give him some support – for he’s deserving to have more guys there.