Art trade ! I have discovered the art trade as something awesome just recently. It’s a way for me to understand and find out how the other artists think and what they do. I’ve had the opportunity to speak and make the art trade with various artists – from Deviant art and from Hentai Foundry.

The condition of the art trade : I’m drawing their Original character – they draw my Anna !
Sadly there were some artists who had their characters drawn /my part of the deal was done/ – and they did nothing but to write excuses that they can start on tomorrow or on Monday – yet they were insisting for me to post their profile on my site… Naughty ! Naughty !
Lazy ass motherfuckers ! 🙂

However this artist below and the guys I’m about to  present on the next submissions under “Art trade” tag – will get their credits and praising from me – btw they already had my awe – on my Twitter  – and that happened 2 months ago – before my site should be nuked by my previous hosting company.
🙂 And I have to say I was pleased and very, very happy !

Marzuka is the O.C. that belongs to this artist:

And he did really cool job with my Anna ! Here’s what he did :