Hello there guys ! My site is back on track again. I had to make a security upgrade and almost had no idea when I’d get myself able to use it.
However With the new upgrade and service my expenses are raising significantly and that the fate of my site and the art I’d do will depend on people who will choose to support me by joining me on my art path.

Mydirtydrawings is not just porn blog like anyone else. It’s my blog where I’m posting my stuff only. Not someone else’s. I’m hard worker for sure and when I say I’m passionate about drawing – I mean that. However being passionate that does not mean I’m passionate to draw every leecher’s thing to make him happy.
The past few years I made a significant progress with my own style and that reflected with raising the interest of more people. I made to breach the “unbreakable” barrier of 500 fans on hentai foundry, made big amount of commissions and requests by patrons which made me owner of a huge portfolio – and you guys are able to observe it here. I’ve got job offer from couple of companies – one of which was really, really pleasant – but I declined it due to the fact that I was about to loose my identity and I was about to “sink” somewhere on the internet without a trace or memory. In fact I believe I was about to work for these guys for 3 or 4 years and then we were about to part our ways and I had to start over a new. I’m not sorry. The weekly pay I declined was pretty sweet and my wife will probably hate me for this, so I didn’t told her at all. I believe I am able to make it on my own – with YOUR help and interest of course.

I’ve made secondary patreon account where I started my own fantasy comic strip with my own original character Kyana, the rogue thief – who’s having adventures in the fictional world of Altir. In order for me to work on this I had to reduce the amount of requests I usually do for the patrons at www.patreon.com/mavis.
I feel like I have things – stories to tell the people. And since porn is part of the path I choose to walk – the comic has that stuff in it.

I found out that people can charge me with their ideas and they are able to open my eyes for things I was not able to notice before. The world of superheroes.
That made me feel a lot close with my own kids, so that’s the niche I choose to follow.
I found out that there are lot more people like me : about 40 years old and above who are just like me. They like comic books and stories.
Age is just numbers when it’s about art and heroes.

I’m currently trying to make something with my site in order to repay me for the years of it’s support. I want to use it to communicate with people.
It shouldn’t be porn only, but mostly it’s that thing.

I hope you guys understand what I mean and you’d be able to have fun while we try to play that “game”.


Davis “Mavis” Rooder