This very interesting idea came again from Shin, who requested it as follows:

After Batman drops off Barbara at the Justice League, she starts working on their computers.

Martian Manhunter using his powers to let her hover in mid-air, telling her she’s sitting on one of Wonder Woman’s invisible chairs. He thinks Batman did something so she doesn’t notice she’s not wearing any pants. Everyone else thinks, Martian Manhunter did something so she doesn’t notice.

The whole team pulls numbers to decide in what order they get their turn with Barbara.

Superman standing behind Barbara, having anal sex with her, shooting his cum into her ass. Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter standing behind them, fist bumping each other, grinning at each other, waiting for their turn.

Under Barbara a large puddle of semen and some notes with numbers on them.

Barbara working on computer, not noticing anything.