Haiiiiii !

I’m Davis “Mavis” Rooder, a.k.a Mavruda !

All the things I show and I will show here are made by me, unless I state otherwise. This is my personal ART site.
Not all the things you see here is by my own liking. Not all the things you see here and drawn and made by me describes my understanding about the world.
Majority of the things you see here are commissioned works of requests made for patrons. I’m a freelance artist – a hired merc. I draw these for money.

A time ago I used to work as freelance graphic designer. Good pay, too much stress. In 2014 almost lost the ability to hold stuff with my right hand after accident with drilling machine. I lost the job, found new one, then lost again. I quit the graphic design “career” and now I’m dealing only with art.

I work alone – I have no managers or bosses. Had expensive surgery but I’m back and I draw again. I got better in what I do.
I draw variety of things, huge amount of which are adult illustrations and comics. I have patreon – and I draw comics for the patrons in there.
So guys – keep this in mind – if someone presents him/herself as my manager or someone close to me. I WORK ALONE.

My e-mail is: mail

Every artist has their own “thing”. My thing are the heroes.
I’m fan of Marvel characters and DC’s Batman /Gotham Universe/. I’m also avid “Star Wars” fan. I also like original ideas and characters and I draw these for clients and patrons.

I have my own characters as well, who live in their own Universe in comic strip named “Golds of Altir”.

P.S. I will leave drawing porn – only if I get serious proposition from Marvel /or DC comics!!! – yes – that’s my regular joke I love to make. I know that they’d never hire a guy like me.  So I guess that will keep the things with porn art on track – here on mydirtydrawings.com

This page is online thanks to Scorp29, who’s helping me with knowledge and support.

MY APOLOGY – to all the guys who have commissioned me, requested some stuff – for the fact that I don’t remember all of you in order to give credits to you and your profiles ! My site was nuked by my previous Hosting – with no recovery option. That’s the reason I moved to another hosting. And I had to do everything from scratch with the help of Scorp29. I re-uploaded almost everything I made to find on HDD or disks. Sadly I cannot remember all the names, facts and stories that came with the drawings I made for some of you. I hope you will understand and won’t be very mad at me.

For commissions – my weekly day-life schedule goes somehow as follows.  Please check the clock on the left hand side of my site – click on the arrow /update flash plugin/ to see my local time.

/all these hours are tentative or relative – and not exact for there are many factors that we depend on : traffic, weather, health, my sex life . Those are not valid for Saturdays and Sundays /
8:30 – I’m at home available for work
12:10 – 13:00 – I’m outside home/AFK – away from keyboard and pc/.
13:00 – 15:30 – I’m at home available for work
16:00 – 17:30 – I’m outside  – not at home
18:00 – 19:00 : AFK
20:00 – I’m available for work.

Fridays I use for work on my comic strips, but if there’s interest – you can mail me for inquiry.