Those are the first drawings of my original character – Anna.  I can say that I’m owing her a lot. Especially at hentai foundry. At that time I was having around 604 fans and in order to say “thank you” for the watching I just drew this girl.
Anna is horian :  Of course it comes as a word play from “whore”, as she was the thing I drew time ago, but I have developed her personality and now horian is a space race in my fictional world – The Galaxy.
Now the horians are descendants of the people from Earth. They now live in new planets and developed some certain abilities. Horians are usually peaceful, but when comes to fight they use all the things necessary. Anna is no exception. She should be looking 20 – 25 years old, although her real age is not known for sure. Horians are good in convincing. Their beliefs are that every conflict or problem can be solved – and sex is one of the solutions. Anna is intelligent, although the situations she falls in and the way she acts sometimes speak otherwise. She loves the attention and has Kirk on her side.
From now on – I’m saying Anna is feminine – and should never be depicted with “extras” – like penises, or futanary character. I have no problems to draw futa action, but Anna is totally 100% woman and nothing else – at least for now.
Anna has no huge breasts, more like 34 C according to this chart but a slightly bigger to be depicted is not big deal. However lactating and pregnant are not the fetishes I like – or Anna should be drawn into.

She has natural  immune system to all the known diseased – therefore she’s not easily corrupted, yet that is possible.
I draw her very often engaged into anal sex – and her butt can gap – but not like a cave, and please no colons or prolapsing stuff – this is kinda gross and too off.

Sometimes I draw her petite, sometimes taller, but her original height should be 167 centimeters or 5.47 feet tall. I draw her with long hair – but sometimes she can be with short one. Always she must be depicted with the tiara /diadem – this one is not only part of her personality or Original character design – this is Kirk. Kirk has eyes – so this one is a must.

She is pansexual – since she’s in contacts with different space species: women, men, aliens, beasts.

She is emotional, yet not so easy to be scared  – because she’s got natural protection. It’s Kirk. Kirk is a separate crystal alike symbiotic organism who lives quietly within the form of tiara on top of  the head of Anna, keeping her long oddly colored hair. What makes Anna so dangerous is him.
Kirk don’t have his own will, he’s of a service to his receiver and master. Horians get their protectors from early age, but they don’t choose the protectors. The protectors are choosing their masters. For Anna this is Kirk.

What is so fearsome about Kirk and how scary he is – I’m keeping it for now.