I haven’t seen the new one, but decided to remind myself what was it about, because of the madness around the new one.
I got a $3 DVD from the super /yeah – the movie is old just like Harrison Ford (actually he’s way older) and being an old movie they released it in super aisles along with many classics made 20 or more years ago.

Anyway.I got it – along with a milk, cheese and yogurt and came back home to watch it with my wife.
Great scenery, awesome effects – for a movie made back in the 80s – it was really outstanding. But let’s not forget Star Wars, ” Back to the Future” who were shot at that time without and special computer generated effects but with models and serious artwork.
Let’s not forget the part of H.Ford – who’s one of my favorite actors of all time, the sexy Daryl Hannah and Rutger Hauer.
Amazing scenes of city, lights, flying cars shiny ads – and the idea with the replicants – is just great. BUT then comes the movie.

1. It goes kinda slow, some scenes were so long it turned out to be boring.
2. The dialogues seemed weird – on some key moments.
3. Some of the things that were happening to the characters were hard to be understood
4. The battle /fight scenes sucked – keep in mind that Harrison Ford took part in way better fight scenes in many other movies before this one.
5. Daryl Hannah looked weird and died easy.
6. Rutger Hauer was naked for some reason and when started to chase to kill Deckard it was not clear why he grabbed a dove. Probably some weird allegory about the life done the weird way. Also he didn’t killed Deckard when he had the opportunity – all of a sudden mercy.
7. Rachael -the replicant girl was easy to get picked, seduced and easy to fall in love with the violent nature of Deckard. At the end when he asked : Do you love me – she just said ” Yes”. That’s totally sweet and plausible like in the real life.
8. The “open” end leaves questions about the faith of the characters.
9. The origami guy, the food vendors , eye trader and all the asian alike characters who speak japanese or chinese don’t want to speak English, because they don’t want to make easy on us and Deckard. WHY !?

Then I remembered that I’ve seen the movie 20 or more years ago and didn’t liked it back then.Sorry . However I’m gonna see part 2 these days – eventually – maybe it will have better way to present the good story and ideas – without using too much symbolism and other artistic shit that doesn’t fit with crime story with elements of action.