I used to draw people from reference – I was drawing them as…. some heroes. The whole process somehow became unpleasant to me simply because it didn’t brought me anything more than more work, no money and no real acknowledgement. I was doing all these for a single guy – who was following me as member of mydirtydrawings and then a patron.
And since my policy is for me to accept requests by my patrons/members – I did a lot of work with these for him. And I mean – A LOT.
Result for me was “who gives a fuck”. So I just changed the “lanes” and started to draw things that are more understandable and acceptable by most of the people – including myself.
Results with that didn’t late – and I’m very optimistic about how the things will go from now on.
However I’m presenting some of the “good” pinups I made back in 2013. After all – I worked on these.
That’s Catwoman cosplay. Model name : I don’t remember and I don’t really want to.
No, I will not draw you, your wife, sister or mom – having sex.