I’m presenting you some old images of drawings I made back in the time. All of them include princess Rosaline – part of Mario games series character. /just want to announce that I cannot draw that character well – and for that reason I prefer not to accept any requests or commissions featuring Rosalina ./
Here included /randomly described, not by the order you see them in here.

Princess Rosalina – from Mario Series Game. (for more info ask the expert in this matter)
Rosemon – from Digimon Anime.
Gemini Sunrise – from Sakura wars
Saphayia – ?!?@?! /I suppose it’s an original character that belongs to someone I don’t know /  the horned grey skinned character that looks like a draenai from W.O.W.
Some Succubus – don’t know from where too….
Chun Li from – Street Fighter game
Nami – from Straw hat pirates
Kushina – from  Naruto Shippūden
TinkerBell – from Disney stuff they do.
A character from game “Orcs must die”
Captain Syrup from Mario Universe
Claire Farron – from Final Fantasy VIII
Elena – from Street Fighter
Korra – from Legend of Korra/TV series/
Hermione – from Harry Potter
Meryl Silverburg – Metal Gear Solid 4
Misu Sisters – from Sorcerer Hunters
Poison Ivy – from Batman Universe/ DC
/those below showed up when I was clearing my HDD/

rosalina_bikers rosalina_bikers_nsfw rosalinafallingout rosalinapoison