Yeah guys I did that actually – when I announced my emergency commissions.
Now some explanation. The guy with the huge dick are called actually “hyper” – so that kind of commissions are not exactly in my don’t lists. Those should go to “monster” collection, which is somehow fine to me.

As for the hippogriff character – that’s the furriest thingy that I’m trying to avoid. But since the guy who was commissioning me was so nice and pleasant I just went ahead and drew that. I hope you like it – and won’t ask me to draw furies.

TBH – I have no idea how to categorize these. Guys who are fond of these should know better than me what are those. Also – sorry for lack of information – one of the things here was original character.
If the person who commissioned or requested me to draw these sees these – please feel free to mail me or write in the comments the names of these – I’m going to  give credits to your profile too.