Well. This in fact was the main reason for me to turn myself into drawing Heroes – not that I didn’t liked to draw these – just no one seemed to be “interested” for me to draw heroes shagging. It looked that the people /clients/members were only looking to get their wives drawn…

Anyway – we see Kamala Khan having a nice conversation with her idol : Carol Danvers.
Both of them are sharing a same name.

In July 2012, Carol Danvers, the longtime super-heroine known as Ms. Marvel, assumed the mantle of Captain Marvel in an ongoing series written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Dexter Soy. Danvers dons a jumpsuit and explores her own past. DeConnick said at WonderCon 2012 that her pitch for the series could be described as “Carol Danvers as Chuck Yeager”. She said the series would contemplate what Captain Marvel’s legend means to Danvers, how she will wield it, and how the rest of the Marvel Universe reacts.[15]