Drawn in 2012. As you can see the faces of the character looks odd, scary and distorted.

Squirt. Female goo. Free Samples . Well. To those who don’t know. I was graphic and web designer – I was designing adult websites and promo materials : banners , page ads. I don’t do that anymore. I’m retired. Too many monkeys on the branch , not to much bananas.
Anyway. On the webmaster forum where I used to look for yet another gig – I was seeing how the webmasters were starting threads to make trade with content producers – depending on the niche.
“Squirt” is very popular demand and a keyword among the people who are looking for porn.
So it was regularly to see threads labeled like : “I’m looking for gay content”, “I’m looking for squirting content”.

And here it is.

BTW I’m still going and checking that site – not as regularly as before, but to see what the funny guys are doing over there. Cheers to all of the guys at gfy !