Every artist has his own dislikes – I have mine.  Below is the list of things I prefer not to draw, so read this before you decide to commission me.

  1. No children characters involved into sex !!! That includes the so called “lolis”.
    No gay or bi-sex  – especially if the character is masculine, manly – muscled, hairy, bearded etc. ! /feminine characters and futanary are okay/. Also – no pegging of manly men!
  2. No vore / someone to be swallowed and staying in another’s stomach/ !
  3. No gore, mutilation – of characters ! / battle scenes are fine – mainstream commission.
  4. Vomit, scat, farts – and other smelly fetish – no / squirting and watersports are okay to be drawn /.
  5. Giants smashing, eating small people – no !
  6. Fat, ugly and unsexy female characters – no!
  7. Muscled women – no / SheHulk or other Marvel heroines with larger build are okay/.
  8. You, your wife, your mom, your best friend girlfriend – being fucked or just naked. NO !
    I will not draw real people with normal life involved into sex. That turns those people into victims and me a party in your humiliation fantasy.  What really gave me headache was the short e-mail of somebody who recognized herself /and I don’t even consider myself a good in reference drawings/.
    The message was short, polite and desperate- and really gave me headache because of which I didn’t worked for more than a week. “Please pull it down, I have family , kids, I’m good person and I never was part of any kind of acts as you depicted me. This will ruin my life !“.
    So guys – let’s say – I DON’T NEED THAT ANYMORE!
    Public personalities – stars, musicians – are somehow fine (they do enough to destroy their own lives).
  9. Rape, Tears, Torturing, Shaming,  Fear  – No one is around to help – No!  / tentacles are okay , but no tears and suffering ! Mild bondage, where the character is having an orgasm is okay!/
  10. Chibis, Furries and My Little Pony – no 😉 / Humanoid characters with animal ears and tails are okay.

Note:  If you saw or see any of  the mentioned above here or elsewhere – that does not mean I will draw these for you.

With my list of don’ts I include the following:

  1. Don’t ask me to provide you drawing I made for you – but you lost it. I’m not archive. If you don’t see it on the site – then I forgot about it and I don’t know where it is. And yes – I don’t give a fuck.
  2. Don’t expect me to remember you – I’m not an asshole – I work with a lot of people and you’re just one of the many. Also don’t be surprised if I don’t remember my own drawing by your text description . Example: “Hey , it’s me Jimmy – you drew 5 years ago Spiderman in his purple costume, remember ?” The answer is : No. “No” to everything you wrote. Just check the content on the site. Even in this moment I’m still drawing. Do you think I will remember what I did 2 weeks ago ?  I’m hard worker and my goal is to make as much cash as possible to provide for mine. In fact my goal is to stop doing commissions at all – and to work only with requests – but I need to have more patrons.
  3. Don’t insist for  me to draw fetish that you see in my don’ts list. Example : But I see you drew “gay”stuff on your own site ! Answer: Then I just don’t want to draw this for you in particular.
  4. Don’t ask me to draw for you for free! The stuff you see here is free enough. Also I don’t really need suggestion of what to draw. Honestly. The best way to get me drawing your thing is to commission me.
  5. Don’t ask for bulk commissions / every commission comes by itself one by one/ – I do it for the variety of the content.  Bulk commissions are making me feel stuck on one and same thing.
  6. Don’t insist to put your drawing I made for you at once on my site.  I’m gonna put it whenever I find time and however I like it.
    If you don’t see it there are probably two reasons for this: I forgot about this – or I don’t like it. Do not tell me what to write – I’m usually asking the people to provide me their own stories that should go along with their commissions/requests as description. If I miss that moment – ask me politely about the story. Big “wall of texts” are “NO”- keep it short but clear.


I pointed out what I don’t like and what I don’t want to draw, but here’s the direction WHAT I LIKE:
1. Heroes from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Archie, etc. The more of these the better
2. Your O.C. – /original characters/