I’m going to do 1 request for NON patrons once a week/  if there’s interest and enough people to comment and fulfill the requirements shown below/.

/Important note: those requests has nothing to do with the requests I usually do for my patrons at :

Requests are FREE of any charge works. Yes , I’m willing to do a drawing FREE of any charge, BUT there are some conditions and directions.

1. I draw popular characters only –  or something that is viral and popular /example: Wendy’s character or similar/.
2. Use the comment section below each/any submission of mine. Preferably the recent/new one – so we can be sure that I’ll see it.
3. Don’t SPAM or post links – the filter here will block you automatically. When asking for a thing to be drawn use sentences like : “Draw Shehulk”, or “Draw Batwoman sucking some dicks”. Since this is a request, you will be expecting a surprise from me, depending on my mood. There has to be versions, but not everytime. You cannot be too specific on the pose or the characters. Whatever I find or choose – that’ll be the result.
4. Posting a single comment doesn’t guarantees that I’ll draw your suggestion! If there are more people to come and ask for the same thing as you do, the chance for me to draw it is bigger! So get your friends over and let them comment and support your request! Trying to cheat and put a comment several times in order to get your drawing – won’t work.
5. Use English. If you don’t speak it and you write something that doesn’t make sense – it will be just ignored.
6. If I see more than one interesting suggestion on the comments I’ll throw a poll for people to decide.
The minimum amount of people needed to trigger me to draw the request of one /for now/ is 10 people.
7. No more than 1 character /for now/.

IMGUR related : If you’re on imgur – you can post a comment under certain post like “@mavruda – do something about this” – in order to summon me  – I am NOT Minumum amount of 10 people/for now/ to support your request – in order for me to get triggered to draw something about it.

Things that I will not do as request:

1. I will not draw your original character as request.
2. I will not draw real people : you, your mom, someone you know. I will not draw actors, singers etc, unless they are not currently on the edge of something extraordinary that gets the attention of half of the world.
3. I will not draw lolis , rape , gay, disgusting characters and scat /even for pay/.|
4. Don’t e-mail me for your NON-patreon request – don’t insist for me to draw something, and DON’T tell me where and when I must upload the drawing I’ll do.

Important Note: These are requests that I’m willing to do for non patrons. Therefore you cannot ask for specific pose, expressions, or whatsoever.
If you read and understand everything here get back to the comment section of my site and post your thing.

You can support me by becoming a patron at :
Disabling the adblock for my site specifically also is considered as a form of support.