Guys – support me on patreon – this is the original comic strip “Deep Space”. Pledging $5 on my patreon account will help me concentrate on making more comic strips in future. There are 5 more pages left (the cover is included in that count) from “Deep Space” – issue 1. I will show all the rest of the pages here – on my site. They don’t include sex scenes anymore, but still, I think they are important for the story.
The next project that I’m intending to start after I finish the first issue is “One for the laughs” – which will include some DC characters and gender swap stuff.
A short plot for “One for the laughs”: Raising of a villain – a psychiatrist from Arkham meets a patient and quickly falls in love. It’s a matter of time for the doctor to choose the new path. The new project should start in May – hopefully, I will be able to finish issue 1 of “Deep Space” until the end of this month.
Anyone who pledges $5 will help me in person – giving me a sign that my work on the comics makes sense.
Thanks in advance,
EDIT :  I’m posting a couple of Early sketches and ideas of Anna here :