All the drawings are digital – that means there’s no physical sheet, or painting you can touch.
You will get the drawing in : jpg /my default format is 1000x 1500 px, 450 dpi -.
All the prices are for non exclusive license, which means you don’t have the right to use them for commercial needs without my permission.
On the other side -as original creator/artist –  I have all the rights to use these any way I find appropriate.

The past several months I’ve changed my comic style in complete. I’m drawing the illustrations by completely losing the lineart – and that requires more
time for me to finish a drawing that usually took me less time to finish. Of course I didn’t abandoned my comic style – from time to time I will be coming with a drawing made by using my previous “lineart” style.

Check the special pricing for patrons here.


  1. E-mail me for inquiry at: mail
  2. If I agree – send me payment FULL UPFRONT – on my paypal – sent to family/friend option. That will trigger me to start working on your thing. I don’t have the reason to take the money and not do the job. Due to previous “experiences” I have adopted the practice to take the money first.
  3. After payment is here – I am offering you to watch me drawing your thing at picarto:
    Important: Do not send money before I confirm I’m willing to draw your thing.  Ask me if I’m willing to do it first ! 🙂
  4.  Consider checking my List of Donts first  – that will save both of our times.How to work with me /after payment is here/:1.  Provide me short description of your thing with lots of links to pictures as reference.
    Example: Spiderman kissing MJ Watson in this pose / link to photo, and link to the characters (I know who they are, but they have many versions)
    2. The reference photo you will send is your concept – after I lay the lines – based on the photo and description I will ask for your approval. Once the concept is approved – we don’t change it .
    I will send you the line art – and  you can request for no more than 3 minor changes after /facial expression, slight move of hands, legs.Unannounced changes/adds like : new pose , or face with details  – I’m charging +$5 each for itself.

I don’t accept commissions or requests for comic strips or animations. I do these on my own will based on requests of my patrons. The requests are related only to illustrations/single pinups only. If I like the character I do my own story.

Important : All the prices are for non exclusive license – that means : you do not have the right to use any of the drawings here in order to make money, re-sale or do anything like it. But you’re totally free to share them at will and watch them countless times. As original artist I have all the rights to use them in any possible way I want.
I totally do not allow ANY edits to be made over my drawings – and then to be presented as : made by me, or made by editor him/her self. Do your own art instead !

Note: I’m aware that there are file locker sites, where they show my drawings and put stamps over them, like the art is their own. I never gave them permission to do that. Don’t buy from them –  I am showing most of my stuff for free to see on this page. Choose me  – and support me instead of buying  from them.

If you want to support me you can : 
1. Disable ADblock on this site / those porn banners are helping me to earn some small money.
2. Become and patron / by pledging between $1 and $10 each month and get some discount on commissions and even get a requested drawing for free from me-
3. Commission me.